Licensed venues

Licensed venues will be able to trade 24 hours, year round without doing the damage to society that they are currently doing.
Patrons will have their behaviour changed by fear of fines and other penalties.
Governments and authorities will no longer need to ask venues for any cooperation.
Drinkers will have a clear idea of what responsible consumption of alcohol actually is and after a short lead-in time be able to stay within the policy’s guidelines.
Licensed venues in the City of Melbourne, where I’m writing this, have long proclaimed their members strict adherence to the ‘responsible serving of alcohol’.
We have seen the results of this effort, their massive public relations program, and it is not good enough.
However, this policy renders their efforts irrelevant.
Licensed venues can now relax with the knowledge that ‘responsible consumption of alcohol’ is taking place and is seen as the way forward.
We look forward to their enthusiastic embrace of this policy.

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