Police will have a clear duty to quickly process pedestrians.
Both police members and public will know that over 08 will have consequences.
Breathalyser tests will often be the first thing the police do to any individual showing signs of, or actually being involved with, loutish behaviour.
Being over the Pedestrian 08 limit will become as unacceptable to the public as being over 05 has become for motorists.
Same ‘Bloody Idiot’ concept*.
Police should feel empowered by the new laws.

Initially the workload will be higher, but as the streets are removed of hard drinking and drugged hooligans, this workload should decrease.
Community Relations:
Most of the public will support this policy.
Especially when both street violence and pedestrian fatalities decrease.
At the moment many people consider the City a no go zone after quite early hours.
Public transport to and from the city is often considered dangerous.
No amount of police on the street will deal with the cultural problem inflamed by the reckless relaxation of liquor licensing laws, increased venue availablity and opening hours.

This law, if enforced properly, means that practically speaking, all drunks over 08 will not be visible in public.
No police commissioner or minister of police could be considered more fortunate than to be at the helm of their portfolios at a time when this scenario takes place.

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* refers to a behaviour change advertising campaign in Australia

2 Responses to Police

  1. john says:

    your an abosolute idiot! you have no idea of the law or police policy or procedure and how this will effect vicotria police and its members get a life

    • pedestrian08 says:

      ‘John’ you’re most welcome to pop in an input that would explain how you would design it to make it work. How would you go about implementing it John?

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