Millions and millions of Australians are his target


Almost choked on my flat white when I read this blurt in todays Age:

”I’ve got to sell over a billion beers next year, I can’t do that just through social media. It’s got to be highly engaging and participatory, but I’ve also got to reach millions and millions of Australians.”


“TV is not as effective as it used to be, less people are watching it, there are more channels. But, sadly, in my opinion 10,000 Facebook friends can’t be the answer to selling over a billion beers.”

One can only guess at the number of cancers caused by the success of such an ambition…
Or the number of women and children bashed, abused, killed and injured.
The number of one punch homicides, the cases of illnesses and addictions caused.
Probably not on this bozo’s radar…
Let’s hope this guy hasnt got the IQ to succeed.
Let’s hope his efforts leave as many children as unaffected as possible.
How many would be sucked in by his company’s Facebook and social media campaigns?
How many by sporting sponsorships, TV ads during various grand finals, ads everywhere else?
You can read the full article here: Irresistible lure of driving us to drink – great work Clare.
And you can see a kind of Drinkwise like site here at his boss’s head office somewhere in Europe – DRINKIQ – not sure where it is based, taxation being such a complex issue…
And here is an analysis of the lengths Big Liquor will go to, to get the kids involved as young as possible.
Have a look at the thinking behind these campaigns. The researchers here had to resort to diagramming the relationships between all elements.
That’s behaviour changing plotting on a large, large scale. All bases are covered – there is no possible escape from their influence.
I’m sure any and every boy or girl drinking toxic, addictive and carcinogenic alcohol, was not the intent of the Facebook and Social Media campaigns alluded to above.
Nor would such an unfortunate eventuality be anywhere on the Federal Health Minister’s mind, memory or conscious.
They have the power to immediately stop this sort of ambition coming to pass.
One can only question why a funded political party would blanch for more than a nano second to put a stop to this murderous nonsense…
What’s wrong with these people?
Banning alcohol promotion isnt prohibition – its’ common sense.
Alcohol advertising doesnt make for Responsible Drinking.


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