Press Release – Mike Cockburn Election Press Release No.2 – L I B campaign launch overshadowed


The photo below was of our campaign launch on the steps of Parliament House, Melbourne, on Sunday.

Unfortunately, it clashed with the launch of a virtually unknown party – errr, I think their name started with L I B or something – at far more salubrious surroundings.
So, there wasn’t a lot of press about.

Fortunately, the real people were there.
The people were all families of murder victims and other serious crimes.
Gut wrenching stories poured out.
Completely rattled me, I must say.

Campaign Launch at Victims of Crime rally

Campaign Launch at Victims of Crime rally

I followed a mother whose son was brutally kicked to death by a pack of 10 – 12 thugs, who, as I understand things, managed to plead self defence!

The crime would be enough to destroy me, but the next couple of years of trying to obtain some semblance of justice for their boy, was in my estimation, at least double the trauma to these good, good people.

It’s very difficult to take a crowd from such specific experiences to speaking of something, that in contrast, appears general and even esoteric, but that was my task.

I had the support of Noel McNamara OAM, who has devoted a large slice of his life to supporting the families of murder victims, like his own family. What a guy.

After throwing away my prepared speech and shooting from the hip, i was profoundly moved by the support of people who, in their most dire hours, somehow find the space and time to be so giving.

A kindly looking man in the front of the crowd was particularly encouraging and to my eventual distress he was the next speaker.

He too had lost a son to murder.

He was generous in his support of the pedestrian 08 concept. If I got just a tolerance of my opinion, I would have been grateful, really grateful.

I’ve never felt so motivated to continue with this cause. If we can save just one family from this distress.

Why others are not so motivated is beyond me.

I hope to hear from you at some time in the future.

I believe the scones were not to be missed over at the other launch…


Mike Cockburn
The Pedestrian 08 Campaign

Press Release – Candidate Mike Cockburn will make Melbourne Safe!


Text of press release sent earlier today:

Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 14:29:38 +1100
Mike Cockburn of The Pedestrian 08 Campaign is standing as an Independent Candidate for Legislative Council, Southern Metropolitan Region.

Responsible Drinking ends at point 08.

This is a single issue candidate whose issue impacts almost every aspect of Victorian Life.

Health, Law and Order, Education, Public Transport are some of the areas of Victorian Government adversely affected by the Binge Drinking Crisis.
Overseas students fear coming to Melbourne.
People standing against lenient sentencing need to recognise that our prisons could cope with longer sentences if beds were not used by alcohol related criminals.

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