Australian Drug Foundation has No Knowledge of U.S. Navy Success


In an unbelievable display of ignorance, Last Night, Mr Geoff Munro, Senior Policy Sifter for Australian Drug Foundation, admitted no knowledge of the U.S.Navy’s success in embedding a Pedestrian 08 Like Campaign.  The U.S. Navy program shares with Pedestrian 08: A declared max Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Limit; Breathalyzer Machines (on All Ships); Random Breath Testing (RBT); as well as adding fixed time and place testing. Finally both programs provide consequences for transgressors.

Geoff has a thing about identifying “evidence” for the potential of Pedestrian 08 as the genuine life saving policy that it certainly is. (In this business, “Evidence Based” can be code for “Do nothing because no one else has done it yet” or “I can’t back this because minister xyz says I can’t”)

He has a problem relating the success of Australia’s most successful life saving measure against the many harms committed by Big Liquor – in this case Drunk Driving (DUI) – largely beaten by our famous Motorist Point 05 Campaign. This is the model on which Pedestrian 08 stands.  “No evidence!” declared Geoff. He chooses not to see the success of RBT as used by Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority to detect errant Commercial Pilots.  “No Evidence!” Nor does he know about what happens to Aviation Safety when you withdraw this safety measure. Witness the recent news of a struggling Indian Airline who couldn’t afford to maintain their Random Breath and Drug Testing. This resulted in one pilot caught by other authorities trying to fly his jumbo on a BAC of 0.09! Not to mention a building total of 50 – that’s FIFTY other transgressors on drugs and or alcohol fortuitously caught by other authorities. That would be “No Evidence!” I suppose Geoff! Leading to the biggest news so far reinforcing this model: The recent success and expansion of the U.S. Navy via its Nuclear Powered Submarine Fleet involving a whopping 45% Turnaround – “No, I haven’t heard of it” and 5 mins later: “No evidence”.

The ADF are fundamentally out of the loop on this one. Totally out of the loop. This is a PR machine. That’s it.

Geoff was presiding over a the first forum funded to raise awareness of Victoria’s Secondary Supply laws, along with advice to parents on how to handle children and alcohol.

Geoff and company acknowledged a guess that only ten percent of any audience of parents at any forum would know of the toxic, carcinogenic, teratogenic and addictive nature of alcohol.

Yet, their presentation gave no facts to parents likely to deter them passing on their own habits and addictions onto their children. Eg: Big Liquor Maims Babies (FASD), Big Liquor causes Cancer, Big Liquor sells a toxic substance, Big Liquor promotes addiction, violence etc.

As I stated:”I don’t get it. The parents don’t know the dangers – no one else is going to tell them – and you are working for the government. You don’t warn them so they think it’s a drug with no side effects like they see it on TV? Who is going to tell them!”

Dissembling response only.

It then gets worse! The presentation included a line advising Parents not to supply alcohol to anyone under the age of 15. What a disgrace! A government funded front refusing to outline dangers to parents who may well need the truth about this killing, maiming drug of addiction. Then they move on to advising Parents to supply their child with Underage Drinking.

What is going on at the Australian Drug Foundation?

Geoff also acknowledged not being involved, in any way, in the Northern Territories recent success with Drink Licenses. (The N.T. gained an instant 15% drop in offenses).

It seems governments and authorities don’t look to Geoff’s ADF when ever anything effective needs to be done.

Alcohol kills a jumbo load of people every 17 days – new report from UK


The UK’s alcohol epidemic continues – unchecked and untempered by political parties only too keen to take the money and exercise a preference for profit over life.

A harsh assessment? Read this link from the UK’s Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs, who, unlike DrinkWatch and DrinkWise are not funded by Big Liquor.

Reducing Alcohol Harm

Download report directly from: British Liver Trust.

Would a jumbo crashing every 17 days get the media to warn about the clear health risks of flying in jumbos? Probably.

Would a jumbo load of Big Liquor Fatalities every 17 days motivate the media to warn about the clear and often mortal risks of binge drinking? Absolutely not.

This failure to report and educate is a key factor added to the circumstances that create a jumbo load of victims every 17 days. Victims of accidents, illnesses, murders and assaults, along with results forthcoming from the consumption of a toxic, carcinogenic, teratogenic (Birth Defects) and addictive drug.

Mandating the provision of Audio Visual equipped, near blood test quality, BAC testing machines, in all liquor outlets, would go a long way to educating users at the critical point of sale.

Being motivated to use the BAC Testing Machines via the setting of a sensible, maximum BAC limit for pedestrian and public transport commuters will stimulate the uptake of key learnings about the toxic, carcinogenic, teratogenic and addictive qualities of this drug. Pedestrian Random Breath Testing provides this motivation. A motivation based on a Pedestrian 08 Limit.

Local Australian Media ought not to get as confused as their colleague Derryn Hinch.

There’s no doubt Derryn, the British Liver Trust reports alcohol is responsible for 80% of deaths from liver disease.

Derryn, a good bloke who has gone to jail in defense of his beliefs – but who is punching well above his weight, pulling a fantastic partner – doesn’t seem to accept the link between heavy binge drinking and alcohol induced liver disease and mortality.

Read this and learn to accept it Derryn! And discover other heinous results of unfettered access to alcohol including the cancers and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Derryn will go to jail to protect children. Derryn can protect vastly more children from the gene damaging effects of FASD on children via doing everything he can to publicise the cause and effects of FASD.

1 in every 100 Derryn…

1 in Four in  at least one aboriginal tribe in North America.

For a comprehensive examination of FASD check this link:

Big Liquor – killing 2.5 million people per annum


The wrist wringing, the grasping for ineffective, impotent, half-hearted measures by our polling addicted politicians has to end.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that alcohol is killing 2.5 million people per year.

Too few countries use effective policy options to prevent death, disease and injury from alcohol use.

World Health Organisation

Millions more are harmed or injured.

These deaths, these injuries and harms are occurring every year.

World Health Organisation Report

In Big Liquor’s nirvana, the Russian Federation, 1 in 5 deaths are due to alcohol.

Media identities who insist on not aggressively pursuing Liquor companies, politicians and political parties who continuously champion deflecting, ineffective measures and continuously ignore the short list of policies known to be effective ought to hang their heads in shame.

This is a world wide challenge eclipsing AIDS and tuberculosis.

Alcohol is the world’s third largest risk factor for disease burden; it is the leading risk factor in the Western Pacific and the Americas and the second largest in Europe.

It is against your national interest to permit:

  1. The advertising or promotion of alcohol
  2. Sporting sponsorship by Big Liquor
  3. Extended trading hours
  4. Ubiquitous availability of liquor licences
  5. Minimum drinking ages below the age of 21
  6. Not having a set maximum, on street BAC level for pedestrians – especially in built up areas.
  7. The bribing/fund-raising for politicians and media by Big Liquor

There is a world of difference between prohibition of a drug of addiction and allowing the rampant promotion, advertising and sponsorship by the corporate producers of this toxic, cancer causing drug.

Controlling alcohol is not, nor has it ever been confused with, prohibition.

Any self respecting government should pull out all policy options to minimise the consumption of alcohol and therefore minimise the harms of alcohol.

As the World Health Organisation states:

no [amount of] drinking is entirely safe.

Shekhar Saxena, the director of WHO’s mental health and substance abuse department


The WHO report.

The Economist Article

Rasta Livewire

Under 21 alcohol restriction saves ER / Emergency Department traumas


Iowa have a law limiting Under 21’s from certain bars and other liquor outlets after 10pm.
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Michael Takacs research proves a 25% drop in Emergency Department alcohol events at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.
Diane Heldt of KCRG Iowa reports here:

Proving the efficacy of even fairly minor changes to liquor laws.

Binge Drinking Primary School Students


Under the headline ‘Girls worse than boys for underage boozing’ a report in the Daily Gazette sums up the tragic situation in the UK where:

Shocking evidence from charity Alcohol Concern shows nearly a third more girls than boys have been admitted to hospital from Accident and Emergency wards after excessive drinking.

So normalised is underage drinking in the UK, that the focus of Alcohol Concern is to reduce the amount underage drinkers actually drink, not to actually stop them from drinking:

As long as alcohol remains as heavily promoted as it currently is, young drinkers will continue to consume far more than they might otherwise, leading to inevitable health harms, wasting ambulance and police time.

Every possible effort must be made to eliminate any underage drinking.
A program of random on street breath testing associated with Pedestrian 08 would help identify children risking permanent damage and addiction via alcohol consumption and offer authorities an intervention opportunity prior to these often abused and neglected children needing attention in Accident and Emergency Departments.

Don Shenker’s reference to Alcohol Marketing shows again what evil consequences Big Liquor advertising, Sport Sponsorship and Facebook/Social Media marketing, has on Big Liquor’s primary school age drinking market.

Daily Gazette Banner

Daily Gazette


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