Alcohol Riddled UK, struggling to find sensible regulation


With one of the world’s largest problems dealing with alcohol, the UK is struggling to assertively introduce sensible, researched regulations to mitigate against the omnipresent marketing success of Big Liquor.

See this Guardian Link here: Can we afford not to have minimum pricing for alcohol?

Other articles at the Guardian here: Alcohol pricing: a battleground between heath groups and drinks industry

And here: Give people a drinking licence, and take it away if they cause enough damage

The UK appear to be choking on an inability to confront the mega corporations dominating their communities.  There seems to be a reluctance to take on one of the key tactics with this amazingly powerful lobby. This is to call them to account for what they are, what they have done, and what they continue to do.

UK A&E Departments and Ambulance paramedics should be clamoring for random pedestrian breath testing and a pedestrian 08 law.

This is a behaviour changing policy model that works. Comprehensively works.

Under 21 alcohol restriction saves ER / Emergency Department traumas


Iowa have a law limiting Under 21’s from certain bars and other liquor outlets after 10pm.
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Michael Takacs research proves a 25% drop in Emergency Department alcohol events at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.
Diane Heldt of KCRG Iowa reports here:

Proving the efficacy of even fairly minor changes to liquor laws.


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