Getting soused at work and sold on lower alcohol driving limits


An excellent article by Robert Remington of Canada’s Calgary Herald regarding new penalties in Calgary for driving between .05 and .08.

Robert says:

I’ve always questioned suspensions for those in the .05 to .08 warning zone, but now I get it. According to B.C.’s ministry of public safety, drivers in that range are seven times more likely to get in an accident.


But any amount of alcohol can create over-confidence, aggression, tiredness and slow reaction time, as my .024 reading after one glass of wine on an empty stomach showed.

If found with a BAC between .05 and .08, your car is immediately impounded, subject to towing and release fees.

That seems like an exercise in common sense…

Robert and the Calgary Herald should look at both streams of thought as they affect or apply to Pedestrian Safety, Violence and Addiction.

We need to get away from a silo mindset when it comes to alcohol.

However, a letter from The Pedestrian 08 Campaign was kindly published by the Herald here: The Aussie Way

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Calgary Herald


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