1. Pedestrian safety

As pedestrians we do not need the same fine motor skills as we do as motorists. However as pedestrians we are road users. We cross roads, get into and out of cars and taxis, negotiate complex manoeuvres we may take for granted sober such as climbing on and off trams and trains. We do need a minimum level of awareness and co ordination unimpeded by an excess of alcohol or the presence of other drugs.

We all accept the need for motorists to have a maximum permissible blood alcohol limit. In Australia we have a 05 limit for motorists. What is the equivalent, acceptable blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for a pedestrian? This next reference plainly states:

‘Research indicates that the skills necessary to cross a road safely are impaired at BAC levels of .08 and above.’

At 08 you are unsafe to cross a street, or navigate your way onto and off buses, trams, trains and taxis.

As one accident and emergency doctor stated: ‘I’ve never met a young, dead pedestrian who wasn’t drunk’.

This research on its own should compell our Governments to legislate for a pedestrian 08 limit.

VicRoads Pedestrian Safety Advice Alcohol as at 20101026

VicRoads Pedestrian Safety Advice Alcohol


4 Responses to 1. Pedestrian safety

  1. Lucy says:

    I have come across the info whilst helping my 15yo son prepare for an english talk on Violence in Melbourne. I think its great you are getting the word out

    • pedestrian08 says:

      Thank you Lucy.
      We have a Violence (law and order) issue linked to a series of Health (eg cancers,cirrhosis) as well as Pedestrian (road safety) issues with one common cause – Big Liquor promoted Binge Drinking.
      All reading of this issue, plus the propensity of politicians to avoid taking advice, points to this ‘epidemic’ becoming much worse.
      From an educational standpoint, the focus on Violence needs to springboard to a discussion of what binge drinking means to Health, Pedestrian safety – our overall quality of life…

  2. Wyn says:

    How many pedestrians are killed each year on the roads who have a BAC over 0.08? Where is the research that leds you to your conclusions?

    • pedestrian08 says:

      Wyn, your question indicates you havent done any research whatsoever. This from a reference on the front page of the website:

      Alcohol impairs judgement and slows reflexes, making safe decisions about crossing roads difficult. Over 30% of pedestrians killed have a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level above .05 with the majority being more than three times the legal limit for driving.

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