Policy Page Amended

Various discussions over many months has led to a policy change on the Proposed Law page.
Recall that a pedestrian is unsafe to drink-walk at BAC’s of 08 plus.
The policy now makes provision for Officers to allow them to continue so long as they are satisfied that a responsible adult will be shepherding them home.
The fact remains today, that inebriated people with unsafe BAC levels are stumbling home every night in an urban environment full of cars, trains, trams, buses and other hazards.
Many don’t make it!

One Response to Policy Page Amended

  1. Unjust says:

    I agree we need action to curb the violence including what some alternatives that have been offered. The notion of a this proposed law has some merit and would be a great test of community judgement to ask for the Law Reform Commission or Sentencing Advisory Council to implement a public debate on the issue. Before police arrest a person for Drunk in a public place to spend a minumum 4 hours in the cells for their safety or hospital for a period of time, they must weigh up criteria to determine that the person is drunk and warrants safe housing rather than an alternative avenue. In general as you may have personally experienced or have knowledge that a person will only change their attitude or rehabilitate themselves if they really want to. Victoria thanks to the Labor Gov’t since mid 1990’s have expressly pushed for rehabilitative measures that have not reduced crime. This is why I agree that your notion is useful and I certainly agree we need tougher penalties associated with violence in general as our sentencing provisions are pathetic within our Magistrates Court and many offences within the County Court that do not correlate to the provision of an indefinte sentence applicable to both the Supreme and County Courts. It is very difficult for anyone let alone the families, police to deal with any death or sometimes serious injury resulting from alcohol and/or drug fuelled violence.

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