Random Breath Tests, a violent opposition…

David from Wollongong, NSW, contributes this link:

David is across what is needed:

The implementation did not mean that police had to be on every street.
They worked and reworked the hot spots and look what has been achieved.
The key point being that RBT turned a policy, specifically a message, into one that was effective.
By setting a limit, promoting it, then efficiently enforcing it…

This kind of understanding seems to elude the Australian Football League (AFL) and the AFL Players Association’s Pippa Grange who is against any ‘draconian measures‘ being put in place to reinforce their education and consulting campaign. See this article from the Melbourne Age here.

For some historical perspective, read this demonstrating not much in the way of progress. Or this giving an overall community wide effects statement.

All this when we have had a football related, alcohol related, alleged one punch homicide at an end of season celebration down at East Geelong. Funeral coverage for Nathan Alsop here.

Which is in the neigbourhood of the heart of the Just Think Campaign, which like most of these programs lacks a consequence for those engaged in acts of binge drinking, known to lead to alcohol related violence, and relies on drunken brains to just somehow think.

And we have extra nasty publicity given to one leading footballer drunk at The annual AFL football awards The Brownlows here.

And with the State of Victoria battling with a background of anti-Indian violence, another player has been allegedly involved in an assault of an Indian taxi driver, endangering not just life and limb, but a multi-billion dollar export industry.

So, where are the headlines ‘Footballer loses career over alcohol related incident’?

How about ‘AFL removes Footballer from Team List’?

Or, ‘Football club institutes Max 08 BAC on pain of contract suspension-Players Association Agrees’.

Begging the question of how many headlines would we then have that look like this:

10 minutes of headline hunting

10 minutes of headline hunting

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